Lucid Quotes

Subtle fields and subtle energies are understood to exist on the sub-atomic level. As such, they are not designated as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but are viewed as its foundation and the foundation of all physical matter... These fields provide the blueprint for the growth and development of plants and animals, via communication with cellular DNA.

- Steve Diver, Agricultural Consultant


In fact, the very best theories we have of physics don't rely on particles at all. The best theories we have tell us that the fundamental building blocks of nature are not particles but something much more nebulous and abstract. The fundamental building blocks of nature are fluid-like substances which are spread throughout the entire universe and ripple in strange and interesting ways. These fluid-like substances we have a name for; we call them quantum fields.

- David Tong, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University


Although the static aether of the 19th century was abandoned, with the advent of quantum mechanics, new dynamic models of space were developed. Space was viewed as a quantum plenum full of energetic potential resulting from Planck's blackbody radiation. Indeed, space has measurable physical properties that imply the existence of a subtle substance herein called the neo-aether. Matter can be considered a unique dynamic state of the neo-aether. A rudimentary consciousness may be rooted in this deep substratum of existence.

- Beverly Rubik and Harry Jabs, authors of Revisiting the Aether in Science


Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who did much experimentation with the pranic energies, or orgone energy as he preferred to call it, came to the same conclusion as the Indian sages. He said, in effect, that there was a primordial, universally present energy, and that this energy penetrated and permeated everything, manifesting in the living creature as biological energy, and in the universe as the origin of galactic systems, matter, and movement.

- David V. Tansley, author of Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man


The hypothesis of formative causation states that the forms of self-organizing systems are shaped by morphic fields. Morphic fields organize atoms, molecules, crystals, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, societies, ecosystems, planetary systems, galaxies. In other words, they organize systems at all levels of complexity, and are the basis for the wholeness that we observe in nature.

- Eileen Day McKusick, author of Tuning the Human Biofield


What I have done in Radiant Energy has been and is perhaps rightly called radical. Nevertheless, of the great number of learned men who have seen and heard of my work, not one has been able to disprove my claims, theories, or discoveries.

- T. Henry Moray, Inventor


The way in which energy is used in society today is based on an economic model, not physics. The dominant technology has remained unchanged for more than a century, while other things, such as the telephone, have evolved far beyond their inventors' vision.

- Peter Lindemann, Energy Science Historian


The great bulk of people infinitely prefer the continuance of a problem which they cannot explain to an explanation which they cannot understand.

- Lord Arthur Balfour, former Prime Minister of the UK